P92 SeaSky

TECNAM offers a new series of ULM and LSA aeroplanes designed especially for on water operations: Tecnam P92 Echo and Tecnam P92 Eaglet Hydro and Amphibious editions.

These new 2012 series of the popular Tecnam P92 are equipped with floats which Tecnam has developed over 6 years of research and have been specially optimized for short take offs from water.

These extensive studies into incorporating the latest float plane technology included the 

development of an installation kit which affords a simple to install process to allow customers to retrofit existing Tecnam P92 aeroplanes.

TECNAM have endeavored to develop the most efficient and effective floats available.

All landing gear components are built in solid AVIONAL CNC machined components. All AVIONAL manufactured components are anodized and allow for color customization if required. The compressed air retraction system allow for a, maintenance free and safer solution. These lighter components have already flown for on other Tecnam aeroplanes including the P2000RG and P2002RG models.

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