P92 Echo Light

The story of P92 airplane begins in early 90s...
The italian ultralight market was young, and all the airplanes flying as microlight were dacron covered-two strokes engine with open cabin and low cruise speed. In that period, TECNAM was young too as company as it was created on 1986 by the Partenavia's founders: the Pascale brothers Luigi and Giovanni.
TECNAM was in that period in charge to produce parts, assembly and test the ATR-42/72 horizontal tail, vertical tail and fuselage sections.
On 1990 Paolo Pascale suggested his uncle to enter in the microlight business analyzing primarily what the market offered in those years...
The result was the development of a microlight with characteristics of a bigger General Aviation airplane:
the result was the TECNAM P92: the first microlight with general aviation style.
Today, 20 years since the first flight, P92 is still one of best selling model of Tecnam production line: with 13 variants and versions, with over 500 customizations, P92 has been delivered almost 2000 units as ULM/LSA and VLA with more than 180.000 flown hours.
Tecnam decided to celebrate this model introducing the Taildragger 20th and betting, on September 2012, on "P92 Echo Classic Celebrating Program": the production of a special variant with a unique price for the end customer: anything not needed to fly fun has been removed or listed as optional, in order to have the possibility to purchase a real 270kg empty weight microlight with an unbeatable price for a Tecnam aeroplane.
Why purchase one trainer for your flight school, when you can have two!

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