P92 Eaglet

Tecnam designed the P92 Eaglet after re-examining the ultra light aircraft market and determined a significant need existed for a robust trainer for all levels of flight – Sport Pilot through Commercial training. The result is the Eaglet.

Using the proven P92 as the base platform and paying particular anention to the needs of the new American LSA category, Tecnam has delivered the best high wing training and cross country aircraft to date in the light general aviation category.

The Eaglet combines the best of the features of their existing high wing aircraft line merged into a single platform. The Eaglet features increased side visibility, smooth aerodynamic lines, a low profile modular panel able to accommodate a wide range of avionics, while still maintaining excellent visibility over the nose, a trait of all TECNAM aircrafts.

The doors are fined with automotive type door seals, seats that give full support with excellent leg room, side map pockets as well as pockets in the back of the seats, and even a cup holder, make the Eaglet a luxury aircraft.
All this makes the Eaglet the natural choice for discriminating buyers of all ages and levels of flight experience. But the real beauty of this fine bird is in the flying – uncompromised and unparalleled in feel and response.

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